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July 17, 2012

Game of Thrones Meets Marvel vs Capcom... Fight!!!!

My main man Joe Fletch and I shared many hours of our year in college living together playing video games. The one that we played the most was definitely Marvel vs Capcom II. We played that game a hell of a lot... well, actually, that isn't totally true. The majority of the time we spent playing that game involved Joe repeatedly kicking my ass. I never won a round... ever! But he was abnormally good, and it made me a better player. One of my favorite aspects of that game had to be the help you could call in from your teammates. It made who you picked to be on your team really, really important. That brings us to some fantastic Game of Thrones fan art from Dynamaito. He constructed a MvC style fight between Lannister Lions Cersei & Tyrion, but it is their back up that makes the picture so cool. Tyrion has the hard striking Bronn to help him defeat his sister, while Cersei has soft ass Joffrey cowering behind her... a real life version of 'back up'!!! This is a great rendition of a game I would love to play. Check out the pics after the jump...

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