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July 30, 2012

Breakfast Cereal Monsters by Lee Howard

While I consider myself to be a huge fan of the horror genre, I will gladly differ to my main man Johnny Boots from over at Freddy In Space when it comes to discovering horror related cool shit on the Internet. The guy just has a great knack for this sort of stuff, and he is always featuring cool things and running giveaways on his awesome blog. One of the most recent finds of his is a series of drawings called "Breakfast Cereal Monsters" by artist Lee Howard, which features some of our most beloved breakfast cereal iconic logos turned into horrifying monsters. I know Tony the Tiger or the Monster Cereal (Count Chocula, Frankenberry, and Boo Berry) guys are easy to imagine as monsters... but the Rice Krispie elves? Toucan Sam? The Trix Rabbit? Wow... wow!!! Johnny is currently running a giveaway for one of the prints on his blog that simply requires you to leave a simple comment. Get over there and try to win one. Check out my faves from the series after the jump...

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