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July 16, 2012

Banksy's Street Art... Brought To Life!!!!

My main man Jeff Bond sent me this really cool article detailing the work of New Zealander Linda Radosinska. Linda is a photographer who has decided to recreate some of Banksy's most iconic stencils into real life re-enactments that she set up and photographed. The project is called 'Exit Through The Thrift Shop', and obvious play on the Banksy mockumenatry/documentary 'Exit Through The Gift Shop'. As someone who thinks Banksy's art is quite cool but not someone who knows all that much about his work, I think this photo project is inspired and well played. It is an excellent way to pay homage to the man while at the same time showing just how great his art could be if it was to jump off the wall and come to life. Check out the photo project pics and some of the original art that inspired the project after the jump....

Some of the Banksy pieces:

Linda Radosinska's work:

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  1. I remember, when I was younger, seeing photographers reenact the great masterworks of Van Gogh & Da Vinci on film. They say 'imitation is the sincerest form of flattery'. I believe this is another indication that Banksy has truly arrived. I wonder what he'd have to say about these pieces?