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June 26, 2012

Reservoir Dogs by Ibraheem Youssef

I love alternate movie posters, probably because of the fact that the majority of movie posters put out officially these days suck. They do not take the time to create a witty, thought provoking image that is representative of an aspect of the film... nope, now most of the time we get a bunch of floating heads and slanted backgrounds (why is this so popular now?). Gone are the days of painted images, iconic posters, and important artistic contributions... but the Internet has brought those days back, albeit in a non official capacity. Ibraheem Youssef has some killer work on his website from a plethora of films, but the one that stood out to me had to be his Reservoir Dogs poster, so that is the one I chose to focus on featuring today. Make sure you check out his work by clicking here, and click after the jump for the Reservoir Dog piece...

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