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June 1, 2012

OHC of the Day: Lucy Griffinths

Lucy Griffinths is the quintessential OHC candidate. OHC stands for Obscure Hot Chick, and Lucy is just that. It is not that she hasn't been working... oh that is not the case. She has had featured roles in two prominent British mini series (The Little House & Collision)  as well as a starring turn in the BBC's most recent production of Robin Hood. She is Maid Marian on the show, and she is a sexy bad ass that compliments Robin very well. For those of you who have never seen the series, go search it out. It is one of the better Robin Hoods ever. But all the Obscure stuff that exists about her stateside is about to go right out the window, as she is set to be the most notorious newcomer on Season 5 of True Blood. She is set to play Nora, a vampire on the show. But it is the character of Nora that will elevate her to stardom, because of two reasons: 1) The character was not from the books, she is made up for the show. This will probably cause a stir among fans. 2) The character will be the sister of Eric Northman (fan fave Alexander Skarsgard), so if she is on screen with the big viking she will sure to get some shine. It doesn't hurt that she is pretty beautiful with some of the best eyes I have ever seen. You may not know her yet, but you will real soon....


  1. That Superwoman picture is not Lucy.

  2. She is a beautiful actress. She was amazing in BBC's Robin Hood. I might have to think of watching True Blood.