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June 18, 2012

Happy Munn-Day!!!!

It's that time again... Munn-Day baby!!! This is when we celebrate our lovely Asian obsession, Olivia Munn. Today we are catching her in the early stages of Summer in NYC, there to promote her new HBO show 'Newsroom'. While in town, she has to jog to keep that rock hard body in shape. So thankfully there was a slimy stalker photog there to caoture her in her barely there t shirt and booty shorts. God love these perverts for sitting outside of hotels and waiting for a celeb to come out to exercise. They are doing God's work. Check the pics after the jump....


  1. I would gladly follow the command on her shirt. She is stunning when flushed.

    1. It really is a dangerous shirt to wear... if I would have seen her on the streets of NYC, best believe that ass would have gotten bit.... lol