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May 21, 2012

The Week That Disco Died - R.I.P. Donna Summers & Robin Gibb

Everybody loves to make fun of disco music and say that it has been dead for a long time. But in reality disco has lived on for years & years in the hearts and dance steps of people all across the world. Disco was a bit before my era, but having parents & family members who were very active in that scene I was exposed to it rather often. But two things stand out two me. One would be the magical voice of Donna Summers. Second would have to be the masterpiece that is the 'Saturday Night Fever' album. Both were staples of my youth, especially Summers songs. My sister used to play many of these songs (on records that belonged to my disco loving Uncle) on my great grandmothers record player, and the smooth sound of the Bee Gees & Ms. Donna bring me back to a better time. Yet now two important people from those memories are gone: Donna Summers passed away at the age of 63, and Robin Gibb dead is dead at 62... both due to cancer.

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Robin Gibbs was an intergral part of the Bee Gees. They sold millions of records and Robin was a huge part of that. Even though I love all of their songs and they are touchstones for a generation of people, the thing that reminds me about Robin the most has to be his portrayal by Justin Timberlake as the sidekick to brother Barry Gibb (Jimmy Fallon) on the 'Barry Gibb Talk Show' skits from Saturday Night Live. Probably one of my all time favorite skits. Fallon - "Robin do you have any thoughts?" Timberlake - "No... No I don't". So great. He was a legend and will be missed. Check it out:

Double dutch.... Double Dutch!!! So great...

So sexy... so iconic
Now I know that it is easy to say how horrible it is when someone famous passes away, but usually after it happens we move past it rather quickly. But Donna Summers is going to stick with me for much longer. I lost my sister Oona to cancer way back in 2002. She was my older sister, my best friend, my heart. For us, Donna Summers was the soundtrack of our early life. It stuck with us all the way up until her death. We always jammed out to Donna, and she never disappointed us. She has one of the greatest voices in the HISTORY of the world. 'Last Dance, 'Heaven Knows', 'Love To Love You', 'MacArthur Park' & especially 'On the Radio'... her songs will be with me for a lifetime. This one goes out to you Donna... hopefully you and Oona are boogeying in Heaven.

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  1. I was at the exact right age to love disco without any of the bigotry as a long time music fan. Disco always makes me smile.