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May 29, 2012

Disney's Mother Of Dragons by Mona Collentine

I am in full force Game of Thrones mode lately.... I have a couple of pages left in Book #3, Season 2 of the show is wrapping up next week, and I just ordered a book called "Beyond The Wall" which is a collection of essays about George R.R. Martin's seminal book series. So when I was over at my boy Jeremy Barker's Popped Culture website and I saw this awesome Daenerys mash-up featuring some of the Disney dragons (Figment, Elliot, and Maleficent) I knew I just had to post it. You can see more of artist Mona Collentine stuff by clicking here and can view the full sized version of the pic after the jump....

1 comment:

  1. Elliott is my favorite dragon of all time.