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May 23, 2012

Daniele Rizzo Is The Greatest Press Junket Reporter Of All Time... Just Look & See For Yourself!!!

Press Junkets are organized interview events where a large contingent of the people involved in making the movie (actors, actresses, directors, producers,etc ) meet with groups of press in a single location. This helps with coordinating promotional interviews with multiple press organizations, especially when in foreign countries. At these press junkets reporters must do something to stand out amongst the throngs of people lobbing similiar questions at these casts... Enter Daniele Rizzo, a reporter from Germany. Daniele involves costumes & questions that often leave his interview subjects laughing hysterically and loving every second of the time they spend with him. This guy is out of control... and I mean that in the best way possible. Click here to go to his Youtube channel to see all of his interviews, but click after the jump to see some of my faves involving the cast of The Avengers, Sacha Baron Cohen, the cast of Chronicle, and Barry Sonnenfeld....

The Iron Italian Interviews The Cast of The Avengers:

Daniele Rizzo the War Prisoner interviews Admiral General Aladeen (The Dictator):

Superman Interviews the cast of Chronicle:

Al The Alien Interviews Director Barry Sonnenfeld About MIB 3:

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