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May 24, 2012

'Apocalypse Pizza Video' by Andres Fernandez

Even if their were a zombie apocalypse, people would still have to eat. And what do people love to eat more than pizza? Not much... and what goes great with pizza? How about a video!!! Check out this animated short called "Apocalypse Pizza Video", which shows some enterprising young Parisians making the best of their bad situation and servicing the Paris area with pizza at a time of crisis. This is an extremely well done short by director Andres Fernandez, and I especially love the song selection at 2:15 seconds (wink, wink). Click after the jump for the full video...

Apocalypse Pizza by blankytwo

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  1. You do have a point there - few foods can match pizza for sheer popularity. It doesn't even matter if the pizza is a simple triple cheese with some spices or a complex one with every imaginable topping. What matters most is that it's pizza and if there are enough slices to go around.