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April 17, 2012

La Flama Blanca Poppin' Shit... Adios Kenny Powers!!!

Eastbound and Down has had one of the most memorable runs in recent television. Even though the show had three full seasons, the overall total of 21 episodes at around 24 minutes each don't give us a whole hell of a lot of material. But in that short span I have fell in love with the show... specifically the main character, Kenny Powers. La Flama Blanca never hesitated to light up his co-stars with insults and verbal jabs that are some of the most memorable insults I have ever heard in my life. The language is offensive, he rarely makes sense, and he often prefaces his disparaging comments with "Let me be honest with you...", which always leads to some memorable content. The guys over at Vulture have created a super cut video featuring some of the most memorable abusive lines Powers spit during the course of the show. These aren't all of the BEST lines, but these are definitely most of them. This is a fitting way to remember Kenny.... watch the video after the jump!!!

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