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March 28, 2012

Why Is Dad So Mad? by The Board of Education

When you are a geek you love to uncover little nuggets of cool shit to rub in your friends faces and proclaim yourself  a more accomplished geek among your friends. But as you get older and have kids, you take much more pride in seeing your kids make good decisions about geek properties. Case in point: Star Wars. While I am a fan of the prequels, to me the original trilogy reigns supreme. Imagine how proud of my nine year old I am when he tells people that Empire Strikes Back is his favorite of the six... it's better than him making the honor role!!! The kiddies are the future though, so I bet it is a bit confusing to them when they see us get so disgusted with something threatening one of our beloved properties. Enter the kids musical group The Board of Education, who have created a song entitled "Why Is Dad So Mad"  to help our kids understand why we curse George Lucas so much about something we supposedly love... Thanks to fellow proud poppa Joe Fletch for sending me this. Now if I could only get Mikey to understand why Voltron is so much better than the Power Rangers...

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