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March 2, 2012

OHC of the Day: Alexis Knapp

How do you raise your profile as an actress and get on the tip of the tongue of all the guys who celeb watch for new hotties daily? Well for one you could bang a celebrity and get pregnant with their love child. That usually does the trick. Or you can star in a highly anticipated comedy that is generating major buzz, like Emma Stone in Super Bad or Kat Dennings in The 40 Year Old Virgin. Or if you are Alexis Knapp, you could do both!!! Alexis, a former model, started to garner some attention when she began dating Ryan Phillipe, Mr. Studio 54 himself. They broke up, but afterwards Alexis found out that she was carrying Ryan's seed. She had the beautiful baby this year, and now she is back on her grind trying to get her acting career going. Now for the second part... she is starring in the upcoming Project X!!! Plus, I hear that there is a nudie scene in there... so that is always a plus. She also has filmed So Undercover with Miley Cyrus & Jeremy Piven and Pitch Perfect with Brittany Snow, Anna Kendricks, and McLovin himself Christopher Mintz-Plasse. With Co-stars of that stature she is sure to start garnering her own attention soon. Remember where you seen her first... right here as an Obscure Hot Chick on CCD!!! Enjoy the pics after the jump...