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March 26, 2012

Marvel Comics Presents: The Clone Wars by Sean Hartter

Sometimes when I love a show I can't wait for the series to end. I know that doesn't make a bunch of sense... If you love something, why would you want it to be over? My reasoning is that if I missed a few of the seasons or am late to the party on a show I will be able to watch it at my own pace if it is finished. I am eagerly anticipating this moment in time with the Clone Wars cartoon. I watched the first two seasons religiously, but I feel off and I have been hearing GREAT things about the past couple of seasons. I will get to it after it is all wrapped up. In the mean time I can check out some retro mash-up fan art from CCD fave Sean Hartter, who gives the Clone Wars story line a 70's style Marvel Comics makeover. Just another wonderful piece from a wonderful artist. Check out the full piece after the jump and click here for more of Hartter's wonderful artwork...

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