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March 8, 2012

Mad Magazine Asks: Who Said It? Mitch Romney or Mr. Burns???

While I often have an opinion whenever a political discussion occurs in my vicinity, I hardly ever use the hallowed pages of CCD to forward my own political agenda. It's just not fitting with the general tone of the blog (nothing against any blogs who do use their pages to promote political ideals). But when I came across this following info-graphic comparing the words of Mitt Romney to Mr. Burns from The Simpsons I almost fell the fuck over laughing. How great is this? This Romney character is such a crackpot that his own words could seem to have come from one of the most sarcastically & greed based written characters in TV history!!! Mad Magazine has certainly fell off in the past few years, but this is top tier stuff right here. Thanks to Cal from the Cave of Cool for unearthing this gem. See the full sized chart after the jump...

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