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March 19, 2012

Hey World... Meet Woola!!!

I absolutely loved John Carter (check my review a few posts up from this), but the thing that impressed me
the most had to be the portrayal of Woola, John Carter's Calot (lizard dog for all of you guys who didn't read the books). Woola was always one of my favorite parts of the Carter books, probably because of how faithful he is to Carter and how viscous he can be when it's time to attack. Woola also seems to have been the inspiration for the Direwolves in George R.R. Martin's 'A Song Of Ice & Fire', just another in a long line of Carter inspired ideas that dummies will think are ripped off in this movie despite the fact that the Carter books are over 100 YEARS OLD!!! Disney is starting to realize that people like the lightning fast pup, so they are doing some post release marketing to help win some people over. Click after the jump for a cool info graphic and a short clip highlighting the Martian Hound ...

And here is a clip highlighting Woola's insane speed and love for his master John Carter:

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