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February 27, 2012

Stephen King Reads From 'Dr. Sleep', His Sequel To 'The Shining'... I Promptly Faint & Bash My Head On My Coffee Table!!!

The Shining is without a doubt Stephen king's most famous work. That is not belittling his other works... this guy has sold more books than Jesus himself. But due to the fact that Stanley Kubrick decided to adapt the novel for a movie (albeit by changing tons of shit from King's original novel and Jack Nicholson's famous "Here's Johnny!!!" axe wielding portrayal of Jack Torrance) and it became wildly popular, it has always been regarded as the touchstone of King's literary works. Last year King announced a new book, entitled 'Dr. Sleep', which is a legitimate sequel to The Shining. I almost fainted at the thought of the return of Danny Torrance... where would King take this character with the psychic ability to "Shine"? Well, King is starting to do public readings from the novel in preparation of it's release (no official release date as of yet, but I'm assuming its somewhere near the end of 2012-beginning of 2013) and somebody cell phone cam-ed him reading the first chapter of the book. I almost fainted...   This one sounds great!!! Catch the clip & book synopsis after the jump and tell me what you think about this upcoming sequel project.....

Here is the synopsis for the book:

"The last time readers saw Danny he was recovering from his ordeal at the Overlook Hotel at a resort in Maine with fellow survivors Wendy Torrance and chef Dick Halloran (who dies in the Kubrick film version). King remarked that though he ended his 1977 novel on a positive note, the Overlook was bound to have left young Danny with a lifetime’s worth of emotional scars. What Danny made of those traumatic experiences, and with the psychic powers that saved him from his father at the Overlook, is a question that King believes might make a damn fine sequel. In King’s still tentative plan for the novel, Danny is now 40 years old and living in upstate New York, where he works as the equivalent of an orderly at a hospice for the terminally ill. Danny’s real job is to visit with patients who are just about to pass on to the other side, and to help them make that journey with the aid of his mysterious powers. Danny also has a sideline in betting on the horses, a trick he learned from his buddy Dick Hallorann."

There is also a group called The Tribe, who are a group of roving Vampires. Instead of searching out Danny for his blood, they are looking to tap him of his psychic energies. Wow.... wow!!!!

I'm excited about this... how about you???


  1. I'm glad he waited a considerable time before doing this; if he'd done a sequel straight after the film came out it would have seemed like selling out or being greedy. Sounds interesting...

  2. I'm in. I'd love to see him revisit or crossover a few of his other characters.