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February 3, 2012

Sean Hartter Posterized The CCD Family.... HOLY SHIT!!!!

Ask and you shall receive. It's that simple... or at least it is when you have super talented artists for friends!!! When my boy Sean Hartter made a custom movie poster for the gang over at Super Punch, I expressed how much i would really like to have him do on for us here at CCD. But before I could even send my request to Mr. Hartter, he had sent me an email saying that our very own Hartter original was in the works. Not only is my man SH talented, but he also works quick. Less than 24 hours later, CCD has it's very own faux grindhouse style VHS box art movie poster!!!! Click after the jump to see it for yourself...

Click to enlarge
This shit is fucking amazing, and he found a way to get the whole CCD family involved in the production. All I could possibly say is I am flabbergasted  & highly flattered to be the inspiration for such a cool ass poster. From the bottom of our heart here, you forever have a place in the CCD family! Now I just have to figure out a way to convince my fiance Tara to allow me to frame and post this up in my living room... wish me luck!!!


  1. Awesome poster. Sean is so cool. He should make more and more posters in the future. People will love them.

  2. I've been snubbed on the coolest day of the year.

  3. This is the AWESOMEST!

    I think I may print it out and put it into a horrible old clear plastic VHS rental box for display purposes.

    Thanks S. Hartter! You the muth-f*ckin' man!

  4. NP guys! Thanks for being cool to me for a long time now. Calvin I hope you don't feel snubbed by me, I like your site and know you've posted my stuff. I'll send Mike a full sized one for you guys to use to print them up. Thanks!

  5. That's awesome...I wanna buy that movie.