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February 10, 2012

Maria Menounos Never Renegs On A Bet... And That Is Why We Love Her So Much!!!

Just when I thought things couldn't get any better in relation to my NY Giants winning the Super Bowl, this comes along and makes me smile even more!!! Seems like Maria Menounos, the sexy correspondent from Extra, enetered into a little bet with her co-host AJ. If the Patriots would have won, AJ was going to sport a Patriots cheerleader outfit. But if the Giants won... well, we get to see Maria in a Red & Blue bikini. I guess God is a Giants fan, huh? Instead of a brolic 6'0 black dude in a cheerleader skirt, we get the lovely M&M in a slinky G-Mne bikini and Uggs. This makes the victory even sweeter. Shit, even AC Slater had to get in on the act and come up to rub on Menounos. He wasn't seeing bodies like that at the Maxx, no what I mean!!! Click after the jump for the full gallery...

First, the video:


Now, the stills:

Thanks to the Superficial for the pics!!!

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