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February 1, 2012

Kermit & Miss Piggy Says Fuck You To Fox News

I know that I am about to take some flack for this, but I have yet to see the new Muppet movie (stands up & dodges cream pies and knives thrown by Rob Martin & Jeff Bond). This is simply due to my completely crazy schedule over the last few months, not because I don't want to see it. But I was intrigued a few months ago when the human douche pouches over at Fox News began bashing the Muppets & their new movie because they seemed to be pushing an "Anti Oil Company" liberal agenda. Are you fucking kidding me... did this so called news organization just try to criticize a movie made with puppet characters for bashing an indusrty that DESERVE TO BE BASHED??? BWAHAHAHAHAHA... get the fuck outta here!!! Anywho, seems that Kermit & Miss Piggy are doing a ton of press junkets for their successful film and they were asked to respond to the allegations made against their film. Click after the jump for the Muppet response...

First, watch the video of the original Fox News clip:


Now for the Muppet response:

Take that shit Fox News!!! Kudos to the gang responsible for voicing the Muppets for going right back at these ridiculous assholes at Fox News. These are fucking puppets for Christsakes people.... but they are puppets with some sharp ass tongues who aren't taking shit from the Right Wing media. Bam! Bitch Goes Down... Miss Piggy, Super Bitch!!!

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