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December 23, 2011

Mondo Takes On A True Christmas Classic: Gremlins Baby!!!

We have highlighted many items from the gang over at Mondo in the past few years, but these may be teh most perfectly timed pieces that they have ever issued. Going on sale TODAY, FRIDAY 23rd we have two posters for Christmas classics Gremlins & Gremlins 2, and a fully possible spider Gremlin figure that is Amazing!!! Wow, these are really great. First of, get over to Twitter by clicking here and follow Mondo because that is where they make all of their announcements. Wait for the cue, and then get over there quick because these will sell out SUPER FAST! Click after the jump for pics of both posters and the spider Gremlin....

Gremlins by Ken Taylor (only 370 avalaible)

Gremlins 2 by Phantom City Collective (only 320 available )

Spider Gremlin by Ken Taylor (175 available)

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