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December 21, 2011

Great moments In Christmas Song History Vol #2: Snoopy's Christmas by The Royal Guardsmen

I love Christmas songs... I really do. I love that the day after Thanksgiving 106.7 FM begins a month long, 24 hour a day Christmas music blitz. All Christmas songs, all the time. But even though I like the usual suspects (who doesn't like All I Want for Christmas by Mariah... C'mon), I tend to skew in a more obscure direction for my holiday favorites. Over the next few days I plan on sharing some of those choices with you. Today we will take a look at the exploits of Snoopy as he battles his old nemesis The Red Baron in the Christmas Classic Snoopy's Christmas (Christmas Bells) by The Royal Guardsmen. Click after the jump for more....

Maybe it was the fact that the song was about one of my favorite cartoon characters, or maybe it was just how catchy the tune was... I'm not really sure what did it. But honestly, I have always loved this song since the 1st time I ever heard it. I have shared my love for this song with my son Mikey and now it is his favorite as well. I just knew that I had to highlight it here on CCD. I found this really great fan made video that uses clips from The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and A Charlie Brown Christmas to bring the song to life. Instead of the original video (click here to see the original ), I chose to go with that one. Here it is... enjoy!!!


  1. Hey guys, the "Ol' Captain" here, fan club president for the band, "The Royal Guardsmen". We very much appreciate you showing them a little love, since they're actively playing and recording again, and we're trying to get the fan base kick started.
    Obviously, they're known for the big 3 hits they had, (Snoopy vs.Red Baron, Return of the Red Baron, and Snoopys Christmas) but they're also good musicians and really nice guys, too. Like most bands, their best stuff isn't whats played on the radio.
    If it's cool with you, we'd love anyone interested to come on over to facebook and "like" The Royal Guardsmen, and from there you can stay current regarding news, tour dates and we even have semi monthly giveaways, one should be coming up soon.
    I think I speak for the group when I say a great big thanks for this, have a great day, guys!
    Here's the link, , hope to see you there!

  2. Wow... wow!! Thanks for stopping bye! I will be hitting that Facebook page up right now! I am a huge fan... but I have to know one thing: How did you guys hear about the story here at CCD???