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December 20, 2011

Great Moments In Christmas Song History Vol #1: Christmas In Hollis by Run DMC

I love Christmas songs... I really do. I love that the day after Thanksgiving 106.7 FM begins a month long, 24 hour a day Christmas music blitz. All Christmas songs, all the time. But even though I like the usual suspects (who doesn't like All I Want for Christmas by Mariah... C'mon), I tend to skew in a more obscure direction for my holiday favorites. Over the next few days I plan on sharing some of those choices with you. What better place to start then with the Run DMC classic "Christmas In Hollis". Rap and Christmas songs? Yup... it works. Click after the jump for more....

"It's Christmas time, in Hollis Queens, Momma's in the kitchen cookin' collard greens!!!"

I fucking love this song. How could you not? At the pinnacle of their career, a hip hop group known for their leather jackets and Adidas sneakers with no laces comes out of left field with a completely original hip hop song from out the hood. It is perfect. And what goes better with dookie rope chains than Santa hats?  Nothing I could think of. Enjoy this video today and get some hip hop bop in your Christmas time playlist...

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