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November 18, 2011

PETA Fights Back Against The Super Animal Murdering Mario Brothers

Wow... file this one as funny and informative! It seems as though PETA (People for the Etical Treatment of Animals) has had enough with Nintendo, Mario and his animal killing ways. Ever since Super Mario Brothers 3 Mario has been sporting the Tanooki suit, which is based on the Japanese raccoon dog that is routinely skinned  in real life for it's fur. With the upcoming release of Super Mario 3D Land on the Nintendo 3DS, PETA has decided to campaign against the fact that the games are glamorizing wearing fur and killing these animals. I for one had no idea that this was a real animal, and if you watch the clip after the break you can see just how horrible these animals are treated. It is truly a shame. Anyhow, PETA has created a video game of there own (click here to play it... it is addicting) where you can try and help keep the tanooki alive. I am in love with these dogs now, and I want one... FUCK YOU MARIO!!!! Click after the jump to see the video and some of the graphics of the PETA Campaign against Nintendo.

This video is graphic and rough to watch (be warned):

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