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November 18, 2011

Justin Bieber Kicks A Rhyme @ The Home Of Hip Hop... And Kills It!!

On my way to drop off my lovely girlfriend at work today, I was listening to my favorite NYC morning show on the radio. Cipha Sounds, Rosenberg, and Kate Fox are the hosts of the show on Hot 97, the premiere hip hop radio station in the whole United States. The show is always really funny and they play up their different ethnicities (a Black, a Puerto Rican, and a Jew) for some funny ass skits. But they took a huge risk this morning, and invited the pop prince of the world, Justin Bieber, into the studio for an interview to promote his new Christmas album. Then Bieber asked if he could freestyle... yup, I just typed that! Now I have been hard on the pubescent Bieber because he is as soft as a babies bottom, but I gotta give credit where credit is due. Son ripped it!!! Don't believe me? Check out the video after the jump and see for yourself...


  1. The game has changed. Again. Always. J Bieber. For real. Yes, for real. For realz (I can't believe that I just typed that. Sorry.)

    But anyway, why not? Timberlake started out in a boy band, killing it with the chicks. I did not care for that music then. Just like I don't care for Bieber's music right now. But look at what Timberlake has done; hip-hop, R&B, movies, you name it. Tell me you don't like his shit now. But why not Bieber? I think that it only makes sense for his future. This kid is on the same path as Justin Timberlake. Recognize!

    Look. Kanye and Raekwon did a track with the Bieb. Check it!

    Runaway Love Remix - Kanye West, Justin Bieber and Raekwon

  2. Oh and if you don't listen to Cipha Sounds, Rosenberg, and K Foxx then you better get your shit together. They are a great morning show.

    Check out Rosenburg's Mix tape, What's Poppin' Vol 1. Its free! Free is for me!

  3. This kid is talented... but is also a mad fruit. JUST like Timberlake! Ha. His flow was good, but I can't believe he made that up on the spot. Bullshit. No way.