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November 10, 2011

'Making Friends' Is A Short Film That Is A New Take On The Frankenstein Story... And It's Wonderful!

Director Mike Dougherty made a classic Halloween horror anthology film entitled Trick R Treat... it is one of the greatest horror films of the last 20 years. If you haven't seen it, get in there (it's on Netflix Instant) and see it right away. It has become a Halloween tradition here in the DeVito household. Anyway, FearNet shows Trick R Treat all day on Halloween, and as a part of that marathons promotion they contracted Mr Dougherty to make a short film. It is entitled 'Making Friends' and is one of the coolest versions of the Frankenstein mythos I have ever seen. It even features everyone's favorite masked villain, Sam! Click after the jump to see the whole short...

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