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November 29, 2011

5 Reasons To Watch 'Alcatraz' This January

We are reaching the point in that fall TV schedule when shows go on mid-season hiatus and networks bring in mid-season replacements for shows that under performed (only 3 episodes for Charlies Angels & Playboy Club... really???). One of the most anticipated mid-season additions is 'Alcatraz', the new show from uber genius JJ Abrams. The first official teaser trailer (30 seconds... C'MON!!!) has leaked and it has piqued my interest... so here are 5 reasons why I think you should give the show a shot come January. Click after the jump for the list and an embedded version of the trailer...

Synopsis courtesy of /Film:
The series centers around a mysterious event in 1963 that made 302 Alcatraz prisoners and guards vanish without any explanation. For some reason we don’t yet know, a prisoner named Jack Sylvane (Jeffrey Pierce) appears in present day Alcatraz and makes his way to San Francisco to seek payback from those who’ve done him wrong. It’s up to a spunky young police officer (Sarah Jones), assisted by a geeky Alcatraz expert (Jorge Garcia), to stop Sylvane, all the while dealing with a mysterious federal agent (Sam Neill) who clearly knows more about the Alcatraz disappearances than he lets on.

Here we go:

  1. JJ Abrams- That's all. That's enough. I won't state the obvious about how successful Mr. Abrams has been, but I will say this: This cat doesn't put his name on stuff that isn't good. Well... let me take that back. He put his name on' Undercovers', which was a pretty good show that got cancelled early on and was considered a bust. JJ is looking to bring Bad Robot back to TV hardcore and this is the do it.
  2. Time travelling criminals- The worst criminals from throughout history are appearing in 2011? Holy. Fucking. Shit. What a great idea. I remember a classic movie from the 80's called Time After Time. It was about Jack the Ripper & H.G. Wells using time machines to come to modern day America. It was awesome because Jack was a true smooth criminal and adapted masterfully, making him hard to track & apprehend. Criminals have the ability to think on their feet and adapt to their circumstances faster then people who aren't risking their freedom constantly. 
  3. Sam Neil- Yessir... Sam Motherfucking Neil. I love this guy. LOVE 'EM!!! Dr. Alan Grant don't take no shit son!!!  He is playing the federal agent who clearly knows a bit more about the 1963 disappearance and re-appearance of the 302 criminals here in present day. I can't wait to see the layers of this onion peel back and reveal just how deep Mr. Neil is really involved in the whole situation. Damien Thorne FTW!!!
  4. Fox Network-  OK, OK... I know that Fox is notorious for fucking with shows, even when they are successful. They move time slots, cancel seemingly popular shows,  and make overall bonehead decisions, especially when the shows are geek/nerd based properties. Hell, they have the best Sci-Fi show on TV right now (Fringe) and THEY ARE DOING EVERYTHING IN THEIR POWER TO GET THE SHOW CANCELLED (THEY MOVED THE SHOW TO fRIDAY NITE FOR CHRIST SAKES!!!) But on this show they seem to be all in. They have 7 shows already shot, and have even gone back to conduct re-shoots to tighten those puppies up. There are another 6 episodes due to start filming BEFORE the show even airs. A short 1st season (13 episodes) will benefit Alcatraz because it will give Fox less of a chance to fuck it up.
  5.  Jorge Garcia- Yup... Hurley is still a fat fuck that will sure to make for some humorous chubby-based jokes and scenarios present on Alcatraz. This giant fatty may be a tubby bitch, but homie can certainely act his ass off. He was one of the best parts of the end of Lost (for the records, I ALWAYS hated Hurley, but had to change my tune in the end) and I can't wait to see him reunite with JJ & the gang.

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