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November 8, 2011

2011 NY Comic Con Interviews: Tommy Talks To Artist Jason Marz

I met Brooklyn-based artist JASON MARZ at NYCC and his stuff caught my eye right away (probably because the first piece of his that I noticed from across a crowded, nerd-filled aisle aisle at the Javits Center was a poster-sized acrylic painting of the Ghostbusters' ECTO-1! My favorite movie!) Click after the jump for more...

His simple, yet accurate, depictions of some pop-culture icons; superheroes, movie scenes, wrestlers, toys; all with a focus on '80s favorites... are eye-catching and bold. They'll definitely bring a smile to your face. Jason's work seems ready-fit for us here at CCD. Check out the interview and his site and you'll see why. I dig his stuff a lot. You will too! ENJOY!

Smile up!