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November 3, 2011

2011 NY Comic Con Interviews: Tommy Talks To Lauren Kairalla of Ha! Comedy Club

When a cute chick invites you over to talk to her just because she's bored, well, you go. Especially if she's dressed as Slave Leia. Ming! (THIS is the basis for most of C.C.D.'s NYCC coverage! Ha! But seriously...) We met Miss Lauren Kairalla of HA! Comedy Club N.Y.C who talked to us about a show they'll be hosting in December; 'THE ONE MAN STAR WARS SHOW'! Nerd fun! Click after the jump for more the full video...

This comedic, one-man retelling of the original 'Star Wars' trilogy will be at the Midtown Theater for the month of December and YOU, nerds, can buy discounted tickets NOW! Where, you ask? Well just watch the interview and find the fuck out!

May the force of Joe F.'s beard be with you!


Thanks to Joe Fletch for the amazing video edits... wow, we alls professional and shit!!!!


  1. My pleasure. Those edits are nothing. I wish I had more technology to work with!

    By the way, Lauren is a cool, HOT chick! I was intimidated standing near her!

  2. With tits like mine, I wasn't intimidated.