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October 21, 2011

The Best Cosplay Of The 2011 NY Comic Con Weekened

Hey gang, this week we have shared some of the awesome photos taken by the CCD family at this years NY Comic Con (mostly by Joe Fletch!!!). In the pics we have featured exhibitors, boobs, artists, boobs, toys, boobs, comics, boobs... I think you get the point! But today I am pulling some of the best Cosplay costumes of the whole weekend and putting them into one post. Some have been published by us this week, but there are many new ones as well. Hope you enjoy these... click after the jump for some great Cosplay!

Crazy 88's


Adam West Batman (with bomb) & vintage Batgirl


One of my faves of the weekend... Big Barda

Black Widow

Booster Gold & Ted Kord Blue Beetle

When cats attack... Black Cat vs Catwoman

Bats, Mice & Cats

Batwomen vs Catwomen

Cobra Commander (sick!)

Dalek! Exterminate! Exterminate!!!

Dr. Strange

Doctor... Who?

Game of Thrones

Big Tits... I mean Gun!!!!

Best Hulk Cosplay EVER!!!

Sexy Joker


The Rapper LL Kick A: Ladies Love Kick Ass

Not Many Slave Leia's This Year... But Lauren Does It WELL!!!!

5th Element FTW!!!

Logan & Phoenix

This Guys Loki Helmet Was Massive!

Killer Loki & Enchantress Costumes!!!

Multiple Bounty Hunters

Sexy Marty McFly!!!

Best Cosplay of the Whole Show: Mr. T!!!!

Look At The Size Of That Canon!!!


More Blue Boobs!!!

2nd Best of Show (and very original): Nova!!!! 

Sexty Jean Grey

Filthy Apes!

Honorable Mention: Plastic Man (Awesome!!!)

Posion Ivy

Portal Cosplay


Third Place: eric Negron as The Rhino (A handcarved mask...sick!)

5th Element FTW pt 2!!!

Sexy Riddler pt 1

Sexy Riddler pt 2 (Holy Boobs Batman!) 

Robin's & Ryu

Honorable Mention: Great Rocketeer (what a helmet)

Rogue pt 1

Rogue 2

Sick Tron Cosplay!!!

Great Scarlet Witch

Scorpion vs Wonder Women

Mysterio, Venom, and Kraven the Hunter

Steam Punk 1

Steam Punk 2

Blanca, Vega, and Dhalism From Street Fighter

Super Sexy Sucker Punch Babydoll

Super Girl with TL & Joe Fletch

Insanely Hot Super Girl

Super Girl & M. Bison

Deathstroke the Terminator & Female Riddler

Team Mario

The Tick & Arthur

Team V

The Walking Dead

Sexy (ughhhhh) Wonder Woman

Crazy X-Force Team Shot!!!

The Yeti!!! aka Joe Fletch



  1. The 'Sexy joker' is more accurately DC Direct's Ame-Comi Duela Dent:

    More accurately than the 'joker' part of your title, that is. You were spot on with the 'sexy' part.

  2. Thanks for the correction Bubba. Your site is awesome. Everyone go to that link above... this guy's site is great!

  3. Ok, the "Tranny Sucker Punch Babydoll" is not a tranny. She's my cousin and very much a girl. Please change the label of the picture because it's not nice. Thank you.

  4. Hey Idiot...
    Better get your eyes examined or maybe your gaydar fixed because "Tranny Sucker Punch Babydoll" ain't no tranny... SHE is 100% FEMALE.

  5. Your an idiot. Babydoll is NOT a tranny, she's a women. Wow, get your eyes checked tool..

  6. The "tranny" baby doll is a hot chick. You should fix that. : (

  7. If you can't tell that the "tranny baby doll" is indeed a might be a gay moron.

  8. That Tranny Baby Doll is hott and very obviously female. Are you serious? Maybe you're just a pedophile because that "real female" Baby Doll looks like she's twelve. Way to go, D-bag.

  9. Whoa...whoa...whoa. Hold The Fuck Up!!! Fist off, this is my blog. If you don't like it, get the fuck off it!!!!

    Now that i got that off my chest, let me address the concern at hand:

    If the above Baby Doll is not a Tranny and actually a women, I do apologize. I meant no disrespect, and if I offended the young lady in the picture then I am truly sorry...

    However, I honestly thought she was a dude and there is nothing wrong with that. If a guy wants to dress up like a chick character or vice versa, good for them. Cosplay is fun no matter what...

    Thanks to the people who left comments above that were productive and actually aim to correct the problem. To the ass hats who leave "Anonymous" comments, stop being losers and leave a name. Own your comment. I am not a pedophile, douchebag or anything else because I mis-identified ONE PERSONS GENDER among over 100,000 people (most of who were in costume!!!)at the NY Comic Con. If I made a mistake, fine... but don't start name calling and then leave YOUR NAME out. Go fuck yourselves in your own mouths, you hideous INTERNET TROLLS!!!!

    With that, I will change the above label. My apologies to the young lady. If any of you guys who commented above that know her or are related to her, please have her contact me through Facebook or Twitter and I will gladly make it up to her in the form of a giftbag or something else.

    Thank you,

    Mike D
    The Boss of CCD

  10. "Tranny" is generally used as an insult. I think if maybe you had said "Awesome cross-dressing Babydoll" you would have gotten a much different reaction.

  11. Sooo what, did a bunch of these guys accidentally fuck this dude thinking he was a chick and are now desperately attempting to defend their decision? Because that's the vibe I'm getting... and sorry if that IS a chick, SHE should be the one to apologize.

  12. I see your point LC... I didn't mean it offensively. But I see your point. But a pedophile, douchebag, or even gay myself because of a mistake? It seems a bit much.

    I would also like to point out that I wasn't the only person who thought she was a dude... my whole crew (over 5 of us) felt this. But thats cool... thanks for leaving your name LC. At least you believe in your comments enough to own them!

  13. Forget about the 1 you guys are talking about. How fucking hot is That OTHER 'Sucker Punch' cosplayer!?

  14. She doesn't look like a tranny to me. But YOU sre still a GAY MORON!!!! (Hahaha, Talk about offensive!)

  15. Ok ok ok I take it back....that Tranny babydoll is not hot.

  16. I'm only putting Anonymous because I actually don't have any accounts with any of those options in the drop down.

    I am said WOMAN in question. I did send messages to your FB account listed, and I did not get any reply - messaged you several times to please remove the comments before this message board blew out. I am not looking for a gift bag thanks. I was just looking to have the mistake taken down or my picture removed all together - which at this point would be a blessing (and would appreciate if you did take it down).

    I have no delusions of being the prettiest girl out there, but it was very hurtful to see myself labeled in such a way that - to LC's point, is very offensive, but also very incorrect. I actually felt pretty/sexy for a day, and was smacked down to reality rather quickly by your post. I find it very doubtful that the slew of people I took pictures that weekend, had your same take on who they were actually taking a picture with - of that I am 100% confident.

    Thank you for removing the heading (picture would be great too), and to all those who came to defend my honor - and apologize for any mislead comments they may have left in doing so, intentions were good - and I am thankful for them.

  17. Ok... I have had enough. First of all, you don't have any of the accounts listed? No GOOGLE, AOL, YAHOO,HOTMAIL,WORDPRESS... really? Yet you were internet savvy enough to find yourself on our little blog? Yeah ok... and if it is you, why not include your name in the body of your post? Seems easy enough...

    Secondly, I apologized once. But if you are the above Anonymous... well, fuck that. I take my apology back. You want to know why? Because I may have been wrong for mislabeling you a Tranny, but who the fuck do you think you are calling me a idiot, a D-bag, a tool, and a pedophile for that mistake? That would seem even more hurtful and slanderous, no? Oh, and in your fist comment you refer to yourself Anonymously in the third person (She is 100% female...)... whose is the real Douche Bag? That would be you.

    I think it is funny that you talk about me being offensive and hurting your feelings, then you fire back multiple times with asshole comments and leave no name. So there... I take my apology back. Fuck you up your stupid ass.

    As for you saying you saying you reached out to us on Facebook, I say bullshit. I just checked the whole backlog on both our actual page and our message inbox, and no one complaining about any of the pics are on there. The Facebook links for the posts on Oct 14-20 that concerned these picture compilation show no comments from anyone complaining... not even anonymously. Get your story strait... you are a liar. If you saw the post here on CCD and you were mislabeled, why wait over 2 weeks to finally comment Anonymously? If that was me I would have been pissed... but I guess you were just waiting for the right time, huh? Get the fuck outta here.

    But honestly, lets get back to the matter at hand. I posted over 400 pictures of many different type of people dressing up in costume. I never poke fun, no matter how bad the costume... I think its great people Cosplay. That's why I share the photos with people who can't be there. But the reason I said you were a Tranny might have been the fact that your Adam's Apple was bigger than mine... or it could have been the dick I saw hanging out from under your Baby Doll skirt as you went up the escalator. I'm not sure which one did it... Signing off, the guy who feels that whether you have a cock or not, you still corny!!!

    Mike D.

    Boss of CCD & Tranny Spotter Extraordinaire

    PS- I wont take the pic down, and I'm going to relabel it as DEFINITIVE TRANNY VERSION OF BABY DOLL FROM SUCKER PUNCH... hehehehe

  18. That tranny babydoll is mediocre.

  19. So...I really don't approve of people calling you names Mike as that is just really rude and absolutely un-necessary. HOWEVER what I would say is that I know how hurtful it is to be called names (and in this case because she is a girl being called a tranny is being called a name). I think that it would really be great if you just removed the picture and title, that way we could enjoy the other awesome photos that you took of some great costumes. I hope you decide to take it down just to get rid of the unnecessary drama. Thank you!

  20. Just to clarify--the "Tranny Babydoll" is a very pretty, female friend of mine and she didn't slander you with lots of name calling--her friends did that to defend her. I'm not her, I'm her friend, anonymous also. It would be super amazing if you took the pic and/caption down, though.

    Nice blog otherwise. It looks like it was a good time.

  21. Agree techno-katie

    Look, it's offensive to bring anyone's gender into it the way you did. I called you a tool because it was a tool-ish comment (you may in fact be a really nice dude, but that caption doesn't speak to you being awesome at all) your re-nameing the picture (and making it all the more worse) ...really? Just delete it and call it a day. No more comments and it's all just done.

    Then you can delete my comments and I'll call you 'most awesome dude' instead of tool.

  22. The girl in the Baby Doll costume has been my best friend for over 20years. She is a hardworking, smart, funny, beautiful woman! She doesn’t deserve any of this no one does. I find it a shame that you seem to have no soul and could care less how your words or action can affect someone. It’s amazing how awful people can be to someone they do not know. I would think in a time of cyber bulling being at a high an adult would not stoop to a teenager’s level. The decent (the human) thing to do is just take it down and be done with it.


  23. What the hell, who cares about the baby doll chick, look at the sexy wonder woman with the hairy back! I would totally hit that! I hope he's , I mean she is post-op

  24. WOW...absolutely amazing. I'm responding to the Trannie babydoll comment posted. This is my daughter and she is my sweet, cute, smart little babygirl. I'm sorry you thought she was not a girl, and people are free to think whatever and post whatever, but it's truly wrong and would be really nice of you to either take it off or put something else below it. She spent alot of time making that outfit which totally rocks and she made all the details on the sword, gun, holster. That outfit should have won was absolutely awesome and she rocked it! Please do the right thing. She really enjoyed being there. Not sure now. I'd certainly appreciate you doing the right thing. Mahalo nui, her mom...Dee

  25. Alright, alright... I'm finished with this. Now I got an adults mom getting involved in the argument. I can't go any further than this. I did poke and prob the young lady in some of my above comments, and for that I am a bit sorry. I don't take to getting attacked kindly, so that is why I reacted the way I did... and it was not nice, not nice at all. So here is the deal....

    First of all, I want to apologize for labeling a picture the wrong way. I am not apologizing for anything else. The events that unfolded after the comment mudslinging started is a shame, but I defend anything I wrote as me fighting back. But my initial mistake is now acknowledged. that's that.

    For the record, I took that picture of the Baby Doll in question WITH MY OWN PHONE because I thought the costume was great... truly great. I thought it was perfect. That's why it was included in the first place.

    Now here is the question: If I would have said "Dude as Baby Doll" or "Trans-sexual as Baby Doll" would it have been better for the young lady? My guess is no... either way, politically correct or not, it would have hurt her. So saying that the Tranny part of the label is what was wrong is just silly. It was just a word in a description... not EXTRA hurtful or worse then anything else. Stop trying to harp one one word... not to mention that all of you commentators that are SUPPORTING THE YOUNG LADY KEEP CALLING HER "THE TRANNY BABY DOLL"!!!! If it was so bad, why are you repeating it yourselves? Good question, no?

    Ok... so here is the deal. i will gladly take the pic down... I dont want to cause anymore distress. I am also offering a CCD Olive Branch to the young women in question. Even though you said you contacted me on Facebook (I can't find it anywhere) I would appreciate it if you hit me up with a private message or hit me on Twitter... I would love to make this whole situation up to you in some way. Your costume was great... and yes, I am a fucking child. I run a blog that focuses on Comics, Toys, and chicks boobs. Of course I would get petty and name call... this is over!

    So decries Mike D,
    Boss of CCD

  26. She actually did a fantastic job with the costume. Like Mike touched on above, we have much respect for the anyone who does a great job hooking up a great costume for the Con. This one was no exception. I'm pretty sure he REALLY DID make a mistake and, although it may suck, he really did mistake her for a dude which she clearly is not, by the out pouring of comments of friends and family. Not the best thing to do to lash out on someone who made a mistake by calling them worse derogatory names, though. Point out his mistake and send him a note correcting him....and give him TIME to make the correction. Seems it's time to just take the photo down and move on, though. Any fan of 'Sucker Punch' is cool with me!

  27. Babydoll ASIDE

    That Cobra Commander is so goddamn sexy! Mm! The things I would do to him!

    Wait.. I am him.

    The things I would do to myself!