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October 20, 2011

2011 NY Comic Con: Day 3 In Pictures

Here are some more great shots from super photog Joe Fletch straight from the 2011 NY Comic Con floor on Day 3. Tomorrow we unleash the best Cosplay photos of the con, but these are pretty great as well. It was a great (and really long) Saturday. Click after the jump for some great shots!!!

Sinister Six Cosplay

Damn you, Todd MacFarlane!!!

"I'm the Juggernaut, bitch!"

Sexy Sucker Punch

Loki bags biches, son!

Boobs outside the bullshit!

Team Mario

Sick Plastic Man Cosplay

This is so great....

NO MA'AM...Al Bundy would be proud!

Arthur & The Tick

Those damn dirty apes!

Jeff fits right in!

5th Element...FTW!

Eric Cosplayer ever!

Sexy Lady!


  1. A few things....

    1)That Mysterio costume was superb!

    2) Juggernaut? Don'tchya mean Jugger-NOT?

    3)I think that really WAS Emily Browning from 'Sucker Punch'. Hottest cosplay this year hands down! Great shot, Joe.

    4) Still trying to figure out how naked tits were at the front entrance of the Javits all weekend with no issue. Any thoughts?

    5) Wish I could have hung out with those 'Planet of the Apes' peeps all day. Maybe next year I'll get my Dr. Zaius/Scotty suit up and join them.

    6) Philippino Adam West/Batman rulez!

  2. 1) Agreed!

    3) She is so hot. I absolutely love that picture. Ming! Boing!

    4) I saw cops walking right past her and not saying anything!

    6) He was so awesome!

    I swear that is the same Plastic Man that Cal posted the other day.

    Cosplay of the Week 2011.10.17

  3. Women have been legally able to go topless in NY since 1992

  4. Jeff, were you correcting my spelling of the Juggernaut or were you making fun of that costume? Because I think that one was superb!!!! That is a tough costume to construct. i thought it was done well.

    @Joe - Those Cosplay pics Cal posted the other day were from Comic Con. I think a pro photographer took the headshots of them, because Plastic Man and Mr T from my Friday Cosplay post were in there.

  5. Sasha,

    Wow! You learn something new everyday.

    Thanks for the link!

  6. First of all...kudos to Sasha for solving the mystery! I had no idea women were protected by NYC law. Might I add that I think more women should exercise this right each and every day.

    Ok, regarding the Jugger-Not comment. Costume is great...well put together. Just that the guy in it was little soft an un-threatning. I'd have added some sort of Hulk muscles under the costume or something.

    That's all...carry on.