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August 4, 2011

Glenn Beck Really Is A Fucktard

This is an awesome clip compiled from actual audio of Glenn Beck talking about the new half black, half Latino Spider-Man. Beck compares the appearance of Miles Morales to Barack Obama and then uses this groundbreaking character portrayal to belittle Michelle Obama for calling for change in American history. This guy is such a dickbag, and he says hateful shit like this ALL THE TIME. It fits so well with the images of the crazy J. Jonah Jameson from the old Spidey cartoons. Oh, and to the other guy who is in this clip who says "I don't know... I'm not a comic geek." I say a big fuck you. You're damn right your not a comic geek. We don't want assholes like you in our club!!! Thanks to my boy Capt. Carrot from Dad's Big Plan (cool blog... check it) for the tip!!!

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