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July 26, 2011

Why Can't They Get Katy Perry For The Live Action Porn Version Of The Smurfs?

Jesus H Christ... Katy Perry is freaking hot!!! Check out these pics from the recent premiere for The Smurfs. Never a shy bird, Katy showed up in a barely there white Smurfette mini skirt that left little to the imagination, especially after she leaned in to pose for a picture with a fan and flashed her purty white panties to the world (see the pic after the jump). Where's the thong Katy? I was a bit disappointed. I grabbed a few key shots of Katy on the red carpet. I also am not a fan of the new blonde hairdo. Don't get me wrong, she still looks hot... but Katy is a blue eyed brunette, and thats the way I like her!!! Damn you Russell Brand....

***Please click Read more below to see the rest of the Katy Perry pics***


  1. i would love to tra, la, la, laa, la... in her magical garden... hello!
    is what i would say, if i were dirty!

  2. Actually, bud... she's a natural blonde... She went brunette after she ditched the clen cut gospel singing career and decided to become Betty Page with whipped cream squirting nipples.

    You can read all about it here...

  3. Wow Matt... thanks for the link! Great write up Katy. I like her. Probably has something to do with her ginormous tits and the fact that she is often depicted shooting items out of them (something you also mentioned frequently in your article). I still like her better brunette though.