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July 29, 2011

Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil Looks Good...

... but why do I feel like I just watched the whole move after this 2:30 minute red band trailer? It seems to me like the put an awful lot of the material from the movie in this one. Check it out for yourselves:

I mean, the group of like 7-10 teens that want to get their friend back all seem to bite it in this trailer. Maybe there are even more of them in the movie? I'm not sure. This classic mix-up type movie looks to be funny & gory, so I will give it a shot. Oh, and by the way, was that dude with the dreads the teacher from The Killing on AMC? It was, wasn't it? WHO KILLED ROSIE LARSEN YOU SON OF A BITCH??? WHO DID IT??? ANSWER ME YOU PIECE OF... I mean, er, um, forget it.

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