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July 25, 2011

So Let Me Get This Straight...

What a difference some crack/heroin makes, no?

... there were people who were shocked over Amy Winehouse overdosing on drugs and killing herself? Why were they shocked exactly? This is the singer who only had one album here in the U.S. (Back to Black), the album that won 5 GRAMMY's.... and no one noticed just how bad Amy was looking after years of prolonged drug use? GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!!!! Take one look at the pictures after the jump, and you won't be puzzled at how Amy died... you will be more puzzled about how she stayed alive so fucking long to begin with!!! She had a great voice, but is in no way a legend and this is not a tragedy. This is another case of a celeb that has all the money and opportunity in the world to seek out help choosing to kill herself. Nothing more to it. In my opinion, she accomplished what she wanted to. She partied until she died. Like C said in 'A Bronx Tale' "There is nothing worse in life then wasted talent". Peace out Amy.... you shoulda went to Rehab, huh?

***Please click Read more below to see more pics of Amy Winehouse***

My favorite Winehous song, Rehab Remix ft Jay Z:


  1. I thought she was awesome. I loved her unstoppable bat shit crazy vibe. Definitely not surprising of course. Now she gets to be famous forever.

  2. Sad to no fucking end. This poor girl.

  3. Totally predictable. If I was in an office 'Death Pool' she'd certainly be one of my picks.

    What I'm concerned about is the frequency you're having to make these posts, lately, Mike. The 'I don't feel sorry for this dummy' post. Is this normal for so many young 'celebrity' to die due to stupidity...was it always a new, avoidable death each month like this from someone people thought fondly of? I suppose the answer is probably yes. Unfortunately our Marilyn Monroes and James Deans come in the form of Amy Whinehouses and Ryan Dunns...or maybe that more fortunate for us.

  4. Those pics are great. I saw her one time at a bar in Camden Town. I couldn't have been any happier as she was exactly how I wanted her to be. Completely insane.