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July 11, 2011

The Media Response To Our Non-Star Wars Marathon Has Been Epic!!!

I have been placed in a state of awe at the amount of media coverage that our canceled Star Wars event has generated. One article that ran in the local Brooklyn Paper has snowballed into numerous other online publications, some huge ones such as The Huffington Post and, to cover the event through reprints of the story. It all culminated in a 3/4 page article in the NY Post (click here for the full article) on Friday. This has been really unexpected. I did not contact any media to complain about LucasFilms and/or the event in general. One local reporter showed up (Thanks Dan Macleod of the Brooklyn Paper) showed up to cover the event for a community newspaper and wrote an article that was scooped up by major media publications across the country. That is all pretty cool. If anything positive comes out of this, I hope that Dan can capitalize on this in his journalism career. Anyway, here are the links to the stories that we have come across floating online. If you guys know of any others, add them to the comment section below. Thanks again for all the support!!!


  1. yeah, i saw the ny post article that morning while eating my bagel/coffee. i couldn't believe it! crappy that they gave you guys little lead time to cancel, but any publicity is good publicity, some would say ... (WAYNE D. SCHNEIDERMAN)


    And anotha one....uh. (biggie smalls is the illest.)