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July 12, 2011

Beyonce Has A New Video & She Is In Lingerie... Who Am I To Deprive You Of That?

Since there is absolutely no chance that you have seen this new Beyonce video on MTV, VH1 or BET (do they even show ANY videos on these channels anymore?) I figured I would share with you. Here is her new song 'Best Thing I NEVER Had'. I like this one... I have a soft spot for sweeping R&B songs like this. It doesn't hurt that Mrs. Hova spends the first half of the video in some sexy ass lingerie and then proceeds to put on a tube top wedding gown that has trouble containing her ample boobs... and that is why I am sharing it with you guys. There are also 5 still shots from the video after the jump. Get in there gang.... even if you don't like the song, watch it on mute. Best 5 minutes of my day so far... lol.

***Please click Read more below to see more pics and the video from Beyonce***

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