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June 17, 2011

This Is How Batman Deals With DC's Continuity Reboot


  1. to be fair, even if they did it right, they would eventually screw it up.

  2. A recent poll was taken on Comic Book Resources and...well...let's take a look at the graph, shall we?

    The spreadsheet was created by user demotu, using the results from the poll.

    And that...that does not look good.

  3. DC keeps screaming that it isn't a re-boot...but they are changing the history of some characters, changing this-and-that, so what else do you call it unless we are in some alternate world? I heard on a podcast a person saying this is going to be like DC's Ultimate line of comics and after a year with these titles we will jump back to the "normal" universe with a few titles still here...but I dunno. I think we are re-booting to the MAX!