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June 29, 2011

The Red Band Trailer For "Horrible Bosses" Makes Me Want To See This Movie SOOOOO Much More...

Why doesn't this guy want to fuck her? I am concerned...

What a difference a red band trailer makes. I thought that "Horrible Bosses" was gonna be a mediocre comedy, one that featured a great cast but would play it safe. All the previews have seemed to play it that way. The cast of bosses (Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Aniston, and Colin Farrell) was what worried me the most. I like all three as actors... but would they truly be able to be despicable to the point that they should be killed??? I just wasn't buying it. But my main man Glenn just sent me the Red Band trailer... shall we:

Ok... I guess if this is how the three bosses are gonna act, I'm in!!!! This one looks really funny, and it seems from the lines of all three of the bosses that they are embracing their douche-ness to the fullest extreme. Let me ask you this: Did you ever imagine Kevin Spacey talking about rolling his nuts in shredded coconut or Jennifer Aniston deep throating multiple cock shaped foods while in a nightie and using the word dick in a sentence??? OMG Rachel !!!! I'm looking forward to this one. Hits theaters July 8th!!!

Oh my, my, my.... Rachel, what goes on???


  1. She's FINALLY cashing in on her sexuality...I kinda feel cheated that she hadn't done this sooner. But that aside, I'm glad she's doing it now. :D

  2. That doesn't look too bad actually. I didn't realize it was rated R. That part with them pulling the cars out is pretty classic.

    And as far as Jennifer Aniston, I don't think there's been a lack of her cashing in on her sexuality ever.

  3. Rob, there is a clear difference of posing with your fingers covering your nips (like the pic you posted above) and deep throating a banana while playing with make believe balls. She also simulates a rape and uses the word dick and cock. I am proud of her, but she has NEVER been so epically slutty. I welcome it.