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June 27, 2011

Francesco Francavilla Takes on Season 6 Of Doctor Who

Artist Francesco Francavila is one of my favorite artists that I discovered after starting CCD, and due to the magic of Twitter he has become someone I have been able to correspond with (Thanks for all the RTs & #FF Fran!!!). Anyway, he has been posting links to his 7 posters that he did corresponding with each episode of the first half of Season 6 of 'Doctor Who'. This season has been quite visually stunning (albeit a bit hit-or- miss), and Fran really gets some great imagery going with these. I hope he makes the rest of them when the Doctor returns after its summer hiatus. We will keep you posted... (see what I did there? Posted... on Fran's posters... I am so witty!!!). This one is for my fellow 'Who' fanatics... whatup Bri & Ed!!!!

Episode #1- The Impossible Astronaut

Episode #2 - Day of the Moon

Episode #3 -The Curse Of The Black Spot

Episode #4 - The Doctor's Wife

Episode #5 - The Rebel Flesh

Episode #6 - The Almost People

Episode #7 - A Good Man Goes To War

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