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May 13, 2011

Trailer Trash Talkin': 1981 or Bust! by Kristen Grillo

Thirty Years Ago… a wormhole far, far away… Thirty years ago, my mother had the greatest gift she was ever going to receive in her life… percolating inside her belly. If you guessed indigestion……well you’re WRONG! I’m talkin’ about ME!

That’s right friends. This old broad will be turning 30 in August. With that, an interesting thought had come to mind. I wondered, “What movies were coming out RIGHT NOW but thirty years ago right now”? Sure you have some great classics like Escape From New York and Raiders of The Lost Ark, etc. But forget about the good for a second. What about the bad and the ugly? So, I decided to start looking up trailers of all sorts of films from thirty years ago. Movies I’ve seen but never really saw the trailer (because you know, at this time thirty years ago, I didn’t have eyes yet) or even trailers of films I never even heard of. The search has been pretty interesting.

Since we’re already into the 5th month here, I figured I’d start off with trailers of films that were released during the week of May15th, 1981 and then after the fun stuff, I’ll have a list of honorable mentions of films that were released from January – April. Cause after all, there were twelve months in 1981. Do you remember?…..

Take This Job And Shove it – May 15th, 1981
Starring Robert Hayes, Barbara Hershey

Kinda sounds like what I want to tell my job right now… The trailer is quite unclear but….you’ll get the idea.

I’ve never seen this film. By the looks of the trailer, there doesn’t look like much of a plot. These people just want the day off!

Happy Birthday To Me – May 15th, 1981
Starring Melissa Sue Anderson, Glenn Ford, Tracy E. Bregman

A great classic!

My favorite part is when the cake gets the ax! Imagine if they remade this movie now? It’d be god awful! ::cough cough:: Fright Night ::

And that’s that. So, have you seen either of these films? Let us know! And God bless all….who were born…in 1981. J

Honorable Mentions:
January 1981

January, 1 Scanners
January, 1 My Dinner With Andre (1981)
January, 1 Death Hunt
Jaunary, 1 Fort Apache, The Bronx
January, 1 The Private Eyes
January, 1 Roar
January, 1 The Devil and Max Devlin
January, 30 The Incredible Shrinking Woman

February 1981

February, 11 Sphinx
February, 11 Le dernier m├ętro
February, 13 Sunday Lovers
February, 13 The Dogs of War
February, 13 Eyewitness
February, 13 American Pop
March 1981

March, 6 All Night Long
March, 6 On the Right Track
March, 13 The Funhouse
March, 13 Modern Romance
March, 13 Back Roads
March, 15 Confidence (1981)
March, 20 The Final Conflict
March, 20 Amy
March, 20 Kelly
March, 20 Cutter's Way
March, 20 The Postman Always Rings Twice
March, 27 Thief
March, 27 Eyes of a Stranger

April 1981

April, 10 This is Elvis
April, 10 From Mao to Mozart
April, 10 The Howling
April, 10 Going Ape!
April, 10 Excalibur
April, 10 Nighthawks
April, 17 Improper Channels
April, 17 Caveman
April, 24 Beyond the Reef
April, 24 Cattle Annie and Little Britches
April, 24 The Hand
April, 24 Second-Hand Hearts
April, 30 Friday the 13th Part 2