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May 4, 2011

Nazi's That Use Dr. Frankenstein's Formula To Re-Animate Dead Soldiers... Yes Please!!!

Every once in a blue I'll read some cooky premise for a book or movie and be blown away. You know, something so ridiculous that it makes you say "Wow... how did they come up with that one?". Also, sometimes I see these crazy plots and think "How come no one has ever put these concepts together before?". When I read about 'Frankenstein's Army' over at /Film yesterday, both of those thoughts popped in my head. How perfect... the Nazi's (the most evil group of people ever) go one step further and use, fellow German, Dr. Frankenstein's re-animation formula to raise an army of the undead. Yeah... I'll watch the shit out of this one regardless of how it turns out. Here is a teaser clip:

What do you guys think about this one? Will you check it out? Tell us in the comment section below!!!

How cool is this concept art?