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May 13, 2011

Movie Characters In NYC Through The Years by Bernie Hou

Check out this really cool poster from artist Bernie Hou that places 91 different movie characters at different points in New York City where they appeared in their respective films. This one is super clever, and makes for an interesting visual. Here is what Bernie had to say about it:

If it seems like all the movies you’ve ever seen take place somewhere in New York City, that’s because they do. New York is where the aliens must attack, where landmarks are destroyed, where the world ends, and where good-looking people go to find other good-looking people. It’s practically a law. This is an illustrated 18″x24″ map of the history of films set in New York - more specifically, all the movies I could cram into a tiny 12-square-mile chunk of Manhattan. There’s exactly 91 movies on here. Can you name them all?
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All the characters are numbered 1-91, and you can win a copy of the print if you can name all of them and send a message with the numbered list over to Bernie over at his Aliens Love Predators Facebook page by clicking here. Get it done guys!!!

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