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May 12, 2011

I Have To See The 'Fright Night' Remake...

... simply because it stars The Doctor himself, David Tennant!!! As a new fan (ok, so it took me awhile... but I'm into it now!!!) of the awesome Dr. Who series, I feel even more compelled to see this movie. Here is the first official photo of Tennant as magician Peter Vincent, a role originally portrayed by Roddy McDowell.

Ok, so its not much to go on... but I (and millions of other Dr Who fans) have been wating for Tennant to do something else. Will this be it? The film has a strong cast (Anton Yelchin, Colin Farrell) and a late summer release date, so we shall see. Thanks to Cinema Blend for the picture. 


  1. sorry, my bad... strong cast and hopefully will do the original justice. my fear is they will take the coolness out and add too much gory stuff... then top it all off make it pg-13, well dinsey is backing it.

  2. The cast is strong but inappropriate (Toni Collette is in this too.) It just doesn't make sense to me. There will be no justice done here.