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May 17, 2011

Damn Michaelangelo, You Are A Nasty Mother...

The pizzas in this video are nowhere near as appetizing as this one!!!
Check out this group of guys and gals who are recreating all of the freaky pizzas Mikey & the rest of the turtles ordered on the original TMNT cartoon. They are not playing around at all.... Clams & Peanut Butter??? WTF guys...

While I am finding that completely disgusting, you have to admire the drive and dedication this gang has. Are any of those combinations on the agenda for you to try? Tell us in the comment section below! Thanks to Danger Guerrero and Warming Glow crew for the tip!


  1. That was a great video, I can not believe that they tried them all. I was gaging on all of the anchovy pizzas.

    Was that the Angry Nintendo Nerd?

  2. I would have thrown up on site of these pizzas. I want to know what prompted them to even try them! I've heard of some pretty weird eating challenges before, but this is a first. Turtle Power, I guess!