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April 24, 2011

A to Z Blogging Challenge - Day #20 - Letter T - The Tardis

The Tardis throughout the history of Dr. Who
I have recently become enamored with the British TV hit Dr. Who, so what better to celebrate the letter T then to salute the Tardis. For those of you out there who never watched Dr. Who (do it know... its all on Netflix Instant!) the Tardis (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) is the time machine that allows the good Doctor and his companion(s) to travel through time and space. It is in the shape of a 50's London police call box so as to blend in an ordinary object, and many explanations have been given as to why it stays that way. The most popular is that the ship has a faulty "chameleon circuit" and is forced to keep re-using this disguise.

Tardis In Flight
The Dr. Who franchise is well over 50 years old and has seen many forms, yet the Tardis is the one constant that always remains unchanged. I never watched the show before a few weeks ago, yet I have long associated that London police box with the series despite not knowing anything about it. In England the word "Tardis" is often used to describe any space that is bigger inside than it appears to be outside (thats a wikifact right there son!). It's tempermental, and doesn't always cooperate with it's Time Lord master, but it is super cool and iconic nonetheless.

Truthiness of the Tardis by Sailorptah
In honor of the Tardis and all it's greatness, here are a few fan versions & products of the ship that I have seen throughout the years. Hope you enjoy!

Disappearing Tardis Mug (click here to order)

Talking Tardis Cookie Jar (Click here to order)

Tardis Bathroom Entrance at The Way Station Bar in Brooklyn

Tardis USB Mini Fridge (click here to order)

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  1. I too am a Doctor Who newbie. As a kid it came on right after Star Trek on Sunday nights and more than often I fell asleep when it came on. The show always seems cheaply made and too talky for me to ever get into.

    Since I started my blog, however, everyone has been raving about the program so I downloaded the last five seasons and now I LOVE this show.

    At first I didn't like the Tardis because it seemed like such a piece of unreliable junk - like any machine ever made in the Soviet Union. I have to be honest that in the episode about the spaceship and the back hole and the Devil I squealed with such delight when the Doctor backed into the Tardis that he had thought had fallen into a pit and was gone forever. I knew everything would work out at that point and I realized for the first time what a cool character this time travelling machine was.