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April 22, 2011

A to Z Blogging Challenge - Day #18 - Letter R - Redrum

I will always love Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece 'The Shining' and thought that would be a great topic for my 'R' post. I love the scene when Danny scribbles "Redrum" on the wall and repeats it over and over again to his mother as she tries to figure out what it means. Once she does, here come Jack Nicholson with that axe... and the rest is movie history!!! Enjoy these 5 pieces of 'Redrum' Deviant Art and make sure you click the links to see the artists portfolios... they are great!

Redrum/Murder by Zoegirl101

RedRum by Afterglow 615

Redrum by Darth Hax

REdrUm by Ravengirl9

Redrum by Lenis04

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