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April 1, 2011

Popsic Art: 3-D Pop Culture Art That Will Blow Your Mind

Every once and a blue we get dropped a line from somebody telling us what a good job we are doing here at CCD. Usually I think its bullshit, like Jeff logging in under a different name and blowing smoke up my ass. But when I checked the CCD Facebook page (become our friend) and got a really cool message from Joshua over at Popsic Art saying how much he liked what we were doing over here. I took one look over at his site, and I must say I feel the same way. Joshua, your artwork is phenomenal... and now its sharing time:

A Clockwork Orange

The Rat Pack

The Three Stooges

These guys really do something original with their work... it is extremely unique and would make an excellent part of anybodies collection. You can buy some of their artwork by clicking here and checking out their Etsy shop. Make sure you tell em CCD sent ya. Great work Josh.... I'm looking forward to what you will offer in the future!!!

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