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April 26, 2011

M.D. Jackson Uses Art To Make Fantasy A Reality

I came across the wonderful artwork of M.D. Jackson over at my boy Cal's awesome Cave of Cool blog. M.D. did a header for Cal and it is absolutely amazing, highlighting all of the things that Cal loves and writes about on the blog the most (Cats, Selena Gomes, steampunk, artic adventures... yeah, it's a weird mix but a great blog, trust me!) Here is that header:

The Cave of Cool Header

Anyway, first I peeped M.D.'s blog Skylarking, which was very cool. Check it out and become a follower. I then followed the link to M.D.'s Deviant Art page, where I found all types of fantastic art. He got some great superhero stuff, but the pieces that stand out to me most are the fantasy themed art. They remind me of another favorite artist of mine, Boris Vallejo, and the covers from the old Robert E. Howard Conan pulp novels. Some very cool stuff up there. Check out all he has to offer by clicking here. Here are my faves:

In The Swamp

Flashing Swords

That Really Super, Super Girl

The Pass Must Be Defended

Snow Queen

Lords Of The Bitter Dark

Maybe our good friend MD can grace us with a CCD themed picture? Who knows what the future holds... (hint, hint!!!) ... Just kidding, unless you want to do it!!! Check out MD's artwork, its really cool. Tell 'em Mike D & the CCD crew sent ya!

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  1. Mike D, I am stunned! Thank you for this highlight! That's awesome!