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April 18, 2011

LEGO Iconic Vol #12 by Jeff Bond

I am such a huge Lego nerd that words can not explain. Soooo I've decided to use my favorite blog site as an outlet to get some of this stuff that I see every day, built out of bricks, out of my skull and onto the blogosphere where it can't hurt my cerebral cortex. Each month I'll be posting the best of the best hoping to inspire the Lego maniac in each of you...young and old.  Enjoy!

Thanks to Briana, Janice, Mike D, and the rest of the hordes of 'Lego Iconic' enthusiasts who could not wait to inform me that Fergie of 'The Black Eyed Peas' performed with said group at the '2011 Kid's Choice Awards' clad in a head-to-toe Lego ensemble. Mrs. Duhamel strutted her stuff to the tune 'The Time (Dirty Bit)' as reported most concisely by the staff over at Have You Some say "Buttaface"...I say "But...her Legos!" 

"Gotta get that.....gotta get that....gotta geeeeeeet that..that...that!"

A constant to the posts of 'Lego Iconic',Morgan19, has outdone himself this time...and space, with his 'Dark Helmet'  minifigure from the cult classic 'Star Wars' spoof 'SpaceBalls'. That's a 'Playmobil' knights helmet (without it's visor) substituted atop a regular sized helmet for support. The 'Swartz' are with Morgan's building techniques for sure!

***Please click 'READ MORE' below for much more Lego madness!***

I love checkin' in with Legohaulic each week to see what he's come up with. This week was NO exception!

First up, is his take on the 'District 9 Arc Gun' Sharlto Copley's character 'Wikus' used to take out some fearsome in 'District 9'! I included some movie stills so you can see how accurately this piece was accomplished "....for humans only"!

'District 9 Arc Gun'

Next, his 'Lime Time Dekotara' caught my eye. It's flashy green and chrome bricks are just what the mechanic ordered for such a monsterous truck! Those are 'Star Wars' litesaber handles and spears & arrows doubling at the cars grill and ornaments...Vroooom

Than, Legohaulic followed up his 'Little Red Riding Hood' & 'Little Miss Muffet' fairytale pieces that I spotlighted (spotlit?) in previous installments of this blog with an homage to the incredible shrinking (and growing) damsel from 'Alice in Wonderland' entitled 'Drink Me'. What's next? 'Snow White', perhaps? Hansel & Gretal, maybe? Can't wait for the next story to be brick of course!

'Drink Me'

Behold gamer geeks! Super Punch put us on to this 'Dead Space' marker homage entitled 'Defense Beacon' also by our pal, Legohaulic. I've obviously regressed back to playing with Legos like I'm a 5 year old and put the aside for now. So I couldn't tell you what this thing does in the game except look creepily majestic if Legohaulic's version is any indication. Maybe someone wants to fill me in in the ('dead') comment 'space' below. ;)

'Defense Becaon'

The Citizenbrick store has the following 'Alternative Lifestyle' custom Lego Minifigs for sale (...YES....FOR SALE!) on their site. Everything from S & M addicts, potheads...and  'biker enthusiasts' (wink). I admit they look more than just a little queer (...not that there's anything wrong with that) but, remember these individual figures parts could come in handy in a variety of ways. (i.e. a tattooed arm for one of your military mercs, a leather-strapped chest for you 'Mad Max' design....or 200 of them to roll around naked ontop of ). Brothers Brick brick gets ALL the credit for finding this wild bunch. I mean's their fault! They found them!

'Shame Enthusiast' aka S&M bondage servant

'Leather Enthusiast'
aka very out of the closet homosexual

'Motorcycle Enthusiasts' aka 1 short of a gay orgy

'Leisure Enthusiast' aka Porn star

'Autopsy Enthusiast' aka Dead!

'Ink Enthusiast' aka freak

"Botany Enthusiast' aka burnout

I just caught the Zack Snyder film  'Sucker Punch' last week and wow...what a ride! Our boy, Profound Whatever created this 'mini' in homage of the blockbuster. If ya seen it, you'll remember this early Japanese tyrant from the beginning of the film. In the film, he doesn't last very long but this mini Lego version will have you recreating scenes forever! NOTE: Lego Minifig Samurai helmets make great shoulder pauldrons!

'Robo Samurai with Mini Gun'

...And while I'm on the topic of the polarizing action film 'Sucker Punch', my boy Mike D forwarded me the info for Flickr user Fredoichi entitled 'Bunny Meka' that he found via /Film (a great entertainment blog by the way!). Anyhooo This piece is done so well, that I can hardly pick out the Lego bricks in it but, trust me it's 99.9%  "Grade A" Lego brick. Love this this piece. Go get 'em Amber!

Power Pig has been messin' around with the latest Minifig releases and coming up with some great spotlight photography featuring his favorites....

 'The Terror of Spring Break' utilizes parts from the Lego Minifig 'Sumo Wrestler', 'Mexican' and 'Karate Champ' for a creepy beach moment we've all probably experienced.

'The Terror of Spring Break'

In 'Outbreak' and 'Hockey Night in Canada' Pig delivers the minifigures, intact, into the surroundings they belong before snapping a few well-lit full color photos.

'Hockey Night in Canada'

Finally it looks like Lego 'Surfer Dude' was having some minor trouble getting back into board-shape for this summer's waves in 'Transformation is Remarkable'. Power Pig updates his his Flickr page daily so check in with that talented mo' fo' often.

'Transformation is Remarkable'

Super Punch posted one of the entries into From Bricks to Bothans "Pod Racer Challenge" that caught our eyes...and watering mouths! Geeky Tom (Tom Williamson) created this McDonald's inspired chariot for the competition that mashed 'Star Wars' pods with licensed corporate themes. 'McPod', as Tom's submission is referred to, features everyones' favorite fast food clown, dead center, atop a sesame seed bun reining in his salty French Fry pods to victory. Yummeeeeh!

Avast! featured this Lego custom made pirate ship which, believe it or not, was constructed the old-fashioned way...while INSIDE the bottle! Don't believe it? Check out the time-elapsed video below of it's construction that took creator, Julia Morley, over a week to plan and 3 days to tediously build. A week and three days and I only usually come up with 3 walls of a castle or something. Great job, Julia!

I've been following toy collector and blogger, Reis O'Brien since his days back at the, now defunct, Geek Orthodox blogsite. Now Reis does regular toy archiving over at Action Figures and it was fun to read, that after years of deliberation, he has now declared Lego minifigs full-fledged 'Action figures' since the release of some of Lego's newer figure lines. Here's his reasoning:
  • They have a minimum of 7 points of articulation. (That's two more than the original Star Wars figures.)
  • The often come with accessories, like weapons, potion bottles, snowboards, etc.
  • The are now sold individually. (No longer being just an accessory to a building block set.)
  • And the very nature of their playability and collectability practically mirrors the innate playability and collectability of action figures.
This is music to my ears! I'd much rather be spending hours salivating over 'Action Figures' than some run in the mill children's building toys. ;)

....And thanks to Ed for putting me on to an article he found over at  PCWorld discussing Sao Paulo, Brazil's new foray into record-breaking Lego brick tower buildinn' ! The images in the video clip below show the 100plus foot high towering behemoth that beat out the previous champ from Santiago, Chile. Keep your feet firmly on the ground and keep building toward the stars, I say!

    By far, the most impressive display of Lego mastery this month has been the barrage of  Lego 'M.A.S.K.' creations submitted by OrionPax. You'll remember, I'm sure, that Pax had created the most awesome group of 'Transfomers' themed Lego creations that, not only, looked identical to the original toy line of the same name...but also transformed into their disguised vehicle or device form in similar fashion to the original toys. Well, in my last installment I wondered how he could top himself and this month he has! With M.A.S.K. & V.E.N.O.M!! The older Kenner brand toy line, you'll recall,  featured vehicles that transformed into attack vehicles often times changing a car into a flying vehicle in the process or plane into boat. Here, Orion banged out vehicle after vehicle of the old  'M.A.S.K' line, including it's masked pilot....and making each transform in similar fashion to the originals as well. I LOVED the original toys and think I may even Like Orion Pax's versions that much better...because they're made with love....and Lego brick! How does he make such wonderful toys!?

    'Til next time Lego Enthusiasts. 
    Be sure to email me directly with any leads on impressive Lego creations

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